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Our Johan's Green Mountain hiking trip in Bukovina takes place in Southern Bukovina, in the northeast of Romania. The region is a hilly region where parallel ridges (obcine) are covered with beech forest, from there the name of the region. The region is the northern part of Moldavia and was from 1775 till the end of World War I under Habsburg control. The northern part of the region got annexed with the formal USSR, now Ucraine. Southern Bukovina is especially known for its painted monasteries.

These monasteries were in the medieval era fortified strongholds agains invading Tartars and Turks. Unique are the exterior frescoes on some of these monastery churches and they are protected by Unesco World Heritage. The frescoes are a kind of collective religious memory of the history of the region and are unique in this way that the models for the figures are local people from the region, unlike other frescoes where the saints are the pure biblical figures.

The frescoes survived so many centuries because of the special formulas the local artists used and are not fully known up to these days. The special blue from Voronet monastery is world wide known as Voronet blue.

In some of the monasteries are also small museums.

The region differs strongly from the rest of Romania because of its Habsburg heritage and this can especially be seen in architecture of the the towns.

Bukovina is not the easiest region to hike: the monasteries are too far from each other to connect them by daily hikes, the forested ridges don't make hiking spectacular and the valleys are densly inhabited. Therefore this trip is more a cultural hiking trip with a strong accent on the painted monasteries from Moldovita, Sucevita, Voronet and Humor.

We offer a trip where we linked these monasteries sometimes by hikes, sometimes a transfer by car and included some roundtrips in the hills. So the hikes are easy, you'll see a little of the nature, the villages, the people and especially there is more then enough time to visit the unique monasteries.

The accommodation is provided in confortable guestrooms. The Romanian people are worldwide known for their generous hospitality. Especially the locals are proud of their regional "Bocovina" kitchen. We selected the best rooms. All the houses have a fully equipped bathroom.

Highlights of the program:

  • Moldovita monastery
  • Sucevita monastery.
  • Voronet monastery
  • Humor monastery



The trip starts in Vama and ends in Gura Humorului. If you fly to Romania, you can reach Vama by train from as well Cluj Napoca or Bucharesti. (Bucuresti only by night train) If you come by car, you can leave the car for free at the guesthouse in Vama, and take the train back to Vama at the end of the trip to pick up your car. Extra travel info is provided down this page.



DAY 1: Arrival in Vama. You stay overnight in a very comfortable guesthouse, a little outide the village. To reach Vama, see info down this page.

DAY 2: Trip to Vatra Moldovitei. A hiking trip that mainly follows the Moldovita River upstream. You walk through small villages, over open grassland and small patches of forest. The guesthouse lies just a few dozen meters away from the Moldovita monastery. Distance 18km, 320m climbing and 275m descending. About 6-7 hours hiking.

DAY 3: Transfer to Sucevita Monastery. As there is no public transport, you will be brought to Sucevita monastery and later on the day picked up again. We provided also a hkingtrip in the surrounding hills. Hiking trip 14,5km, 420m climbing and as much descending. 5-6 hours hiking. Accommodation again in Vatra Moldovitei.

DAY 4: Transfer to Voronet. Hiking trip to the Voronet monastery and roundtrip in the surrounding hills. Distance 13km, 430m climbing and as much descending. About 5 hours hiking.

DAY 5: Hiking trip to Manastirea Humorului and visit of the Humor monastery. The hikes brings you along the Moldava River, the small town Gura Humorului and follows the Humor river till the village Manastirea Humorului. Distance 13km, 180m climbing and 160m descending, about 4 hours hiking.

DAY 6: breakfast, end of trip. The owner of the guesthouse brings you back to Gura Humorului, form where you can take the train.

Prices: (6 day program - 5 nights)

684 Euro in full board (based on double room occupancy).

Single room occupancy 66 euro extra tax.

Price includes accommodation in full board, local transfers to Sucevita and Voronet, local transfer from Train Station to the first accomodation and local transfer from the last accomodation to Bus or Train Station, luggage transport, maps, detailed route description, cultural info and tourist informations.
Extra night: 45 Euro/ person/ night in full board.

How to get there:

First part to Cluj Napoca:

All flights and info to Cluj-Napoca and back to your home:

Second part: Cluj-Napoca - Vama (and back)

see indirect routes from this link:

If you don't get the trains at your day of arrival - departure, you can stay an extra night in Cluj-Napoca: price starts with 45 Euro for a double room (bed and breakfast) (35 Euro for a single room).