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  • dates may be chosen between 1 May and 31 October 
  • See special self guided trips info page: Click here
  • Sibiu was the cultural capital of Europe in 2007. - Transylvania - best place to visit in 2016

Our is a hiking trip with accent on history and culture. The hikes are light, 4-5 hours. At some places there is the option to make a moderate hike (6-7 hours).

Dracula was born in Sighisoara, the medieval fortess you will visist on this trip. Our trip is a great combination between the unique mix of culture in Transylvania and the active holiday you want to join. Find out more watching our film:

This is a special trip prepared by Johan's Green Mountain team in Transylvania, saxon's villages area. Siebenburgen is the name gave by the Saxon settlers to the region between Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. They came in the region in the early Middle Ages. The first colonists should have been Flemish, Walloon, French and Dutch farmers. They most likely remained behind during or after the first crusade in the 11th century. The Saxons came later and were the biggest group, absorbing the others. They constructed and organized the country. This is clearly visible in the beautiful medieval towns Sibiu and Sighisoara. These old medieval towns were impressive fortified bastions against Ottoman and Tartar invasions. Even the small villages had their fortified churches. All this can still be seen today.

Prince Charles love this Transylvanian area.

More then with other trips, the calm and rest of the pastoral landscape, the thousand of flowers, the aroma's, horses and carts, hay stags, herds of cattle and sheep in contrast with the centuries old walls, heavy oak beams and the serene silence of the massive fortified churches will impress the hikers.

The hiking trip starts in Sibiu (Hermannstadt), once the best fortified town east of Vienna. Not less then 7 ring walls with bastions and towers protected the town. A big part of these fortifications can still be seen today. There are beautiful museums, impressive churches and you feel you really went back in time when you wander along the narrow cobblestone streets of the town. To the south of the town is the Astra open air museum where original buildings from all over Romania are reconstructed in a splendid environment. During summer a lot of festivals take place in the museum. The town was cultural capital of Europe in 2007.

The trip brings you further south to the villages Cisnadioara (Michaelberg) Rasinari and Gura Raului. After that you hike between the villages Valea Viilor (Wurmloch) and Mosna (Messchen). It goes further over Richis (Reichesdorf) to Biertan (Bierthalm) and Copsa Mare. You end your trip in one of the best preserved medieval towns of Europe: Sighisoara (Schassburg). There are numerous medieval houses, towers, and the fortifications still exist for the big part.

The real charm of the region are the Saxon villages. Most of them date back till the early middle ages (11th 12century). In that time there were numerous raids from migrating people, invading Tartars and Turks. Numerous times those primitive settlements got burned down and destroyed. Bit by bit the population started to built better and stronger fortifications. Typical for Transylvania is that these fortresses were made around the church and not as in other countries as separate fortresses. The church got a huge-defensive tower and defensive walls were built around the church yard, sometimes up to 3 ring walls. These walls were then extra fortified with defensive towers. Provisions for the whole village were stored within the defensive walls. Typical is the "Speckturm" the tower where the ham and bacon for the whole village was stored. At some places the local population built also rooms within the walls where they could live during long sieges. Not all of these defensive walls do remain, but a lot still exist today and can be visited everywhere.

During communist times little attention was given to these so valuable constructions and many started to decay. After the revolution the Germans started to restore these buildings. A perfect example of this restoration is the church of Biertan. The architecture of most of the houses remained unchanged over centuries. The houses in the villages don't date back till the middle ages, but they are rebuilt about every century as an exact copy of the original house.

We've put the accent by this trip on culture and history. Therefore the hikes are easy and can be done by virtually everybody in normal conditions.

You stay overnight in guestrooms and once a hotel-room***, all except one with private bathroom. In Biertan you have a shared bathroom.



DAY 1: Arrival in Sibiu. Accommodation in a charming guesthouse in Sibiu. 

DAY 2: Free day, visit Sibiu, We have provided a few short trips to visit the town. There are a lot of interesting museums as well of which you certainly should visit the Brukenthal museum (art museum with a very impressive collection paintings under which work of Peter Paul Rubens and Anton Vandyck). 

Brukenthal museum: see at

Accommodation in guestrooms in Sibiu.

DAY 3:  Transfer to the Astra open air museum. Visit museum + hiking trip to Cisnadioara- 4 hours hiking, 12 km. Astra museum is Romania's largest open air museum with dozens of authentic farms, churches, wind- and watermills from all over Romania, all set in the beautiful Dumbrava forest. During the summer all kind of festivals take place. After the visit you make the short trip to Cisnadioara (Michaelberg). The trip brings you through the Dumbrava forest. The village Cisnadioara is well known for it's monastery church in Romanesque style on top of the hill high above the village. There is an ethnographic museum. Accommodation in guestrooms in Cisnadioara. 

DAY 4: Transfer to Rasinari and hiking trip to Gura Raului.

Hiking trip at the base of the Cindrel Mountains. Gura Raului is a pure Romanian village, although the architecture of the houses  let's you think otherwise.  Light hiking trip about 12 km, 4-5 hours, climbing 450m, descending 350m; moderate - heavy trip, 23 km, 8-9 hours, 1000m climbing, 900m descending. Accommodation guestrooms in Gura Raului.

DAY 5: Transfer to Sibiel and trip back to Gura Raului. Sibiel has an interesting icon museum. The hiking trip brings you at the base and through a part of the Cindrel Mountains. In Gura Raului you can visit a working watermill.  Hiking trip 20km, about 7-8 hours, 750m climbing, 755m descending. Accommodation in guestrooms in Gura Raului.

DAY 6: Transfer to Slimnic where you visit the ruins of the impressive Stolzenburg fortress. You will be brought further to Valea Viilor with its impressive fortified church. From Valea you make a nice trip through the beautiful pastoral countryside over the village Ighisu Noua (Eibesdorf), Mosna (Meschen) till Nemsa. Mosna has the biggest fortified church from the region. All these villages were in the past purely inhabited by the Saxon population.  Distance 15km, 6 hours hiking light hiking. Accommodation in a very nice guesthouse in Nemsa.  

DAY 7: Hiking trip from Nemsa over (Richis) Reichesdorf to Biertan. The trip brings you again through the splendid countryside with patches of scattered forest, pastures and farm fields. Biertan has the most impressive fortified church with several defense walls. It was in the past the seat of the church. Accommodation guestrooms. Distance 15km, 5-6 hours hiking.

DAY 8: Roundtrip in Biertan. Walking day, as much you wish. You can make a nice and easy trip to the neighboring village Copsa Mare (Grosskopisch). The village has also an impressive fortified church in a complete different style as the one in Biertan. You stay again overnight in guestrooms in Biertan.

DAY 9: Transfer to Sighisoara, visit town. Short transfer by car to Sighisoara. The uniqueness of Sighisoara is that the town remained virtually unchanged over the centuries. You should certainly visit the "church on the hill", the several fortification towers, the clock tower. You'll get a very detailed description with history and other cultural info about Sighisoara. Accommodation: hotel room or guesthouse in the old medieval citadel.

DAY 10: Trip ends after breakfast.

If you have to travel back to Sibiu, there are 5 trains a day, one in the early morning, one around noon, two in the afternoon and one in the evening. Each train transfer takes about 2 hours.

We may organize for extra a private transport to Sibiu as well; there are places for 3 people plus luggage in one car. Please ask for private transfer price.



10 Days Program - 9 nights included/ 6 nights in full board in villages, 3 nights B&B in cities or towns.

658 Euro pro person/ (minimum 2 persons). 

Price includes: accomodation, meals, all daily transfers as are described (see The Program), daily luggage transport, detailed description of the route, what to visit, detailed info about landscape, flora, fauna, special history and local culture informations. You may rent for extra a GPS device from us prepared with each daily track (25Euro/trip).

3rd to 5rd persons:  646 Euro/ person.

6rd and more persons 599 Euro/person.

Children bellow 12: 328 Euro/ child.

Chiildren bellow 3 years for free.

Single traveler: 105 Euro supplement


Accommodation in Sibiu: guestrooms in a small charming guesthouse (downtown, bed and breakfast).

Cisnadioara, Gura Raului, Nemsa, Biertan: guestrooms with private bathroom (full board).

Sighisoara: guesthouse or hotel situated in the old medieval citadel centre; bed and breakfast.


How to get in Sibiu:

By plane:

Direct flights to Sibiu:    

(Blue Air) from Stuttgart, London Stansted, Madrid

Austrian Airlines (Tarom) from Vienna

Lufthansa  (Tarom) from Munchen

Carpatair (via Timisoara) from several Italian and Spanish airports 

to Cluj Napoca (Wizz Air, Blue air) and then by train to Sibiu

to Bucharest and then by train to Sibiu

By train:

Bucharest - Sibiu: Dep 09.42 Arr 15.30 or 15.30 Arr 20.57             

Sibiu - Bucharest: Dep 06.18 Arr 12.15 or 14.37 Arr 20.45               

Cluj Napoca - Sibiu:Dep 10.10 Arr 14.14 or Dep 15.55 - Arr 20.48,                  

Sibiu - Cluj Napoca: Dep 12.26 Arr 16.15 or Dep 15.56 Arr 21.16

By car: Highway Budapest - Szeged - Arad - Sibiu or Budapest - Oradea - Sibiu


For more info about SIBIU, please visit our special page click here