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  • Cimitirul vesel de la Sapanta
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  • 180212_5416
  • 180212_5449
  • Cimitirul vesel de la Sapanta
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  • haying in Maramures is an activity for the whole family...
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  • potters oven and workshop
  • this man is wearing on a weekday the old style shirt and trousers
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  • dates can be chosen anytime between the 1st of May and the 31st October 2015
  • Self-guided trip/ individual trip.
  • See 'Self Guided Trips' info page: Click here

Important notice: This hike route can only be done by hikers that have had previous experience in using maps, compasses or GPS. The reason is that the trails on this trip haven't been used properly in  the past few years by the locals and are now altered and overgrown and become at times hard to recognise and follow.

Maramures is known worldwide for its fabulous wooden churches and its impressive wooden homesteads. It's people claim they are the direct descendants of the Dacians (Romania's ancient inhabitants) and were never conquered by the Romans. There might, in fact be some truth in their claim, considering their features - blond and with blue eyes - with that of the rest of Romanians - mostly dark haired and brown eyes. What is certain is that Maramures is Romania's best preserved region where it's people held on to their traditions for centuries and to this day perform and adhere by ancient rituals.

The region which is situated in the Maramures Mountains, is a superb environment for hiking. The mountains reach heights of 1850 meters and are mostly covered with foliage trees. They are part of the renowned Carpathian Mountain range which extend further into the Ukraine. It's villages are located along the river banks in the valleys. The locals of Maramures are skilled farmers with livestock as their main occupation. They mainly herd cows and sheep on the hills surrounding their villages that accumulate to stunning visuals. These villages are often closed entities that almost defy our current times and are centred around one or more centuries old wooden churches.

Another main attraction of the Maramures and Bucovina is the dense network of narrow gauge forestry railways. Most of them around Romania have by now been closed down and are permanently out of use that is except the ones in Maramures and Bucovina. Small steam engines run daily along the beautiful Vaser River deep into the mountains to haul logs. The trains have a passenger carriage as well and you can travel along with the harvesters up to the mountains.

We focused your trip around the small town of Viseu from where the forestry railway goes off into the mountains. You'll walk from the Viseu Valley to the Iza Valley where you will visit the finest wooden churches in the villages of Ieud and Poienile Izei. Followed by a ride into the mountains on board of the steam train and will get back to the village on foot. 

Accomodation: You'll be spending the nights in guest rooms, local farms or other guesthouses.



  • The beautiful wooden churches of Ieud: There are two wooden churches including the tallest wooden church dating back to 1364 (oldest church in Maramures). The Ieud Codex, the oldest written document in Romanian was found here (now kept in Bucharest). Well known paintings of Alexandru Ponehalski (1782). The part of the village surrounding the tallest church in Maramures is probably the most representative of settlements specific to this region.
  • Poienile Izei: wooden church with scary frescoes of the representationHell from the 18th century. Designed to "scare" sinners and women into good behaviours.
  • Botiza: known for it's handmade carpets and woodcarving. 
  • Wooden church dating from 1700, originally built in Viseu de Jos and moved in 1900 to Botiza and the are mineral springs near the village.
  • Narrow gauge forestry railway along the Vaser river. 
  • Wooden churches in Sieu, Ieud, Dragomiresti, Botiza, Poienile Izei and Salistea de Sus.
  • Visiting beekeepers, artisan distilleries, watermills under guidance (in English).
  • Museums in Dragomiresti and Ieud.
  • More then in any other regions of Romania, the people of Maramures, both the young and old still respect and wear the local traditional dress on Sundays, festivities and even on a day to day basis. Their traditional clothes differ quite a bit from the rest of Romania and are specific for the region, such as the short skirts and typical black and red horizontal striped shorts (zadie). Only in Maramures women's skirt stop about 7 centimetres above the knee.



DAY 1:  Arrival in Vişeu de Sus transport to your guest rooms. We will pick you up from the bus or train station. Transfer to the first guesthouse. In Viseu de Sus is the starting point of the forestry railway. Viseu de Sus is a small town with it's main activity linked with the wood industry. The town grew economically after the Romanians built a new railway into Maramures having lost a small part of it's territory to Ukraine, after the 2nd World War. 

DAY 2: Hiking trip via Salistea de Sus to Dragomiresti. The trip starts in Viseu Valley end ends in Iza Valley. It's a peaceful trip that runs through the hills, over pastures, hay land and scattered bits of forest. You walk along the Ciunca hill (847 meters) and will enjoy the panorama’s over the Ţibleş mountain (1800 meters) and the Pietrosul Rodnei (2303 meters), the highest peak of the Eastern Carpathians. The village of Saliste is the first village of the authentic Iza valley, renowned for its wooden churches. The trail is 19 kilometres long: about 6 hours of hiking, 420 meters of climbing and 430 meters descending.

DAY 3: Roundtrip to Dragomiresti. You go on a hiking trip in the surrounding hills and get to walk along open pastures and small patches of forest. Here you will visit an interesting ethnographic museum consisting of textiles, carpets, wooden household items, looms and other tools for preparing wool. The trip is 12 kilometres long: about 4 hours hiking, 320 meters of climbing and 320 meters descending.  

DAY 4: Hiking trip via Ieud to Botiza. You'll walk along the valley to Dragomiresti, then take a short hike through the surrounding hills which also give you plenty of time to visit the interesting village of Ieud which has the best preserved village centre of Maramures. Located around the church on the hill, (oldest wooden church in Maramures dating back to 1364). In Ieud you'll also visit is a small private museum. You'll continue along the Ieud river and the Botiza river through small farm fields, hay land, pastures and patches of forest. Botiza also has a lovely wooden church. The village is known for it’s handmade carpets. The trip is 14 kilometres long: about 3 hours hiking, 320 meters of climbing and 250 meters descending. Night in Botiza.

DAY 5: Hiking trip to Poienile Izei. Hike over pastures and through small patches of forest. In Poienile Izei you certainly should visit their church. It's inside is decorated with superb frescoes. These frescoes were often followed as a rule book for the people. The trip is 8,7 kilometres long: 3-4 hours of hiking, 280 meters of climbing and 200 meters descending. Night in Poienile Izei.

Extra DAY: Resting day in Poienile Izei. Here you can take part in the activities at the farm or you can go on a short walks around the village. Visit the Unesco heritage Poienile Izei church, a traditional old farm, a wooden carver.

DAY 6: Hiking trip to Sieu. You exit the village and walk along the ridge to Sieu. The trail takes you along hay and grass fields, small patches of forest and orchards. You'll spend the night at lady Ioana's guest house, who is a teacher in Sieu. In Sieu there is a wooden church and a watermill. The trip is 12 kilometres long: 4 hours of hiking, 230 meters of climbing and 360 meters descending.

DAY 7: Our local guide, will pick you up in the morning and will take you to a beekeeper, a local distillery, a potter's and a watermill. The guide will show you how people live, will explain and show you their typical customs. In this day you will be brought back to Viseu de Sus where you'll be staying over night.

DAY 8: Trip with the narrow steam locomotive along the Vaser river. In Romania there are still narrow gauge steam locomotives in working conditions (among the last ones in Europe). You will notice that the passing of time is irrelevant there and nature almost has different laws in Vaser. It will be a wonderful experience to discover a world you could hardly imagine still exists along side our technology driven one. In the evening you should get back to Viseu (anytime between 4pm and 8pm). The trip with the steam locomotive is quiet commercial. 

DAY 9: Hiking trip in the Maramures Mountains. It’s a lovely roundtrip on the other side of the Viseu River along open fields, a settlement and through dense forest. In the evening return to Viseu de Sus. This trip is 22,3 kilometres long: about 7-8 hours of hiking, 330 metres of  climbing and 330 metres descending.   

DAY 10: Breakfast, end of itinerary.


You can extend your itinerary with an extra cultural trip to the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta where cynic, sometimes funny lyrics and paintings decorate the graves. The same day you can visit the wooden monastery of Birsana the tallest wooden church. And the  open air museum in Sighetu Marmatei with wooden churches, watermills and small farms. Price of transport will be an extra 86 Euro pro person to all these destinations on one day. 

Extra night in Viseu: 45 Euro pro person in full board.

Nature lovers can extend the trip with a stay in the Rodna Mountains.

For more information about the Rodna Mountains visit:

A rental car can be arranged for 1 or 2 days. Price is about 25-30 Euro/day.



10 days (9 nights) 698 Euro. Price pro person in full board for minimum 2 people. Place in twin or double room.

Single room occupancy tax= 111 E/ trip

Children bellow 12 Price 374 E/ trip/ child

The trip may be customised how many days you want.

Price includes: Accomodations in full board all days in guest houses or traditional farms, 1 guided day + visits and local transfers between the train stations of Viseu de Jos and Viseu de Sus, detailed description about route, flora, fauna, local culture. Full board contains: continental breakfast, luch packet, warm dinner with soup, main meal and dessert. You will receive for free GPS tracks. If you don't have your own GPS device you may rent one from us.

Everywhere you may chose an Extra day for 45 euro in full board.

The price don't includes the steam locomotive trip to Vaser Valley. The ticket costs approximative 11-19 euro according with package you'll choose.


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Direct flights from London Luton, Paris Beauvais, Tel-Aviv, Eindhoven and Dortmund to Cluj-Napoca with Wizz Air. 

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Flights to Budapest (regular airlines and low-cost) and train to Cluj-Napoca: there are trains departing from the Ferihegy Airport. Arrival to Cluj Napoca in approx 5-6 hours). 

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Cluj-Napoca - Maramures:

There two trains a day: 

One Train with a change in Salva.

One Direct train Cluj Napoca.- Maramures

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If you miss your train you can stay an extra night in Cluj-Napoca: price starts with 45 Euro for a double room (bed and breakfast) and with 35 Euro for a single room.