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  • dates can be chosen between the 1st of May and 31st of November
  • tailored on demand for minimum 6 people
  • trips for smaller groups can also be arranged however price will be different



The cave expeditions are especially made for people who want an active holiday and get the chance to hike, explore and discover the richness of Romania's caves. Romania has an enormous variety of caves (over 12.000!) and by exploring the caves of Apuseni Nature Reserve in the western Romanian Carpathian Mountains situated in Transylvania, you would only be seeing the tip of the iceberg. Therefor depending on your interest in these expeditions, we can provide a customised and more in depth version of this trip. Caving in Romania is not about visiting tourist adapted caves, it's an authentic experience, where you can explore these natural wonders just as the first explorers have seen them. Which means that you'll have to climb, crawl and creep to see their jaw-dropping beauty. Despite that you don't need to have previous experience for this trip just be in a good physical condition, not suffer from claustrophobia and be ready to get your hands dirty, literarily! 

This is not a particularly easy trip however on demand we are happy to adapt it especially to your group's needs. Through out the expedition you will be accompanied by experienced guides at all times. All guides provided have followed intensive training and will cater to your requests but they won't take any risks when your activity can be considered dangerous. Due to certain weather conditions (eg. heavy rainfall) some caves may become difficult to be explore in which case we will either change the initial destinations or the order in which the caves will be explored.

The guides are aware of the ecologic importance of the underground world, and won't allow any damage or environmental obstruction in and around the caves. During your fascinating trip they will give you vast amounts of information on the karst system and the specific caves and they will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Accommodation: You will spend the night in a guesthouse on Stanciului Valley and in a comfortable hotel in Doda Pilii settlement situated near the caves.



  • Hiking and experiencing 7 caves, most of which are still being professionally explored today!
  • Visiting both active and fossil caves.
  • During this holiday you will see a large variety of speleothems and formations and you'll come across underground rivers and waterfalls. You'll learn to use ropes and other special caving equipment and exploring techniques. Some guides have more than 15 years experience and are active members of caving clubs. They spend most of their free time underground mapping unexplored caves. They know nearly all there is to know about caves and and are eager to share their passion with you.



DAY 1: Arrival and transfer to your guesthouse in mountains.

DAY 2: Visit the Lespezilor cave. The cave is part of a complex system. What you'll be visiting is the part decorated by the fascinating "montmilch".
Transfer to the Virtop Poiana where you'll be staying for 3 nights. There you'll be visiting the Onceasa Dragon Cave which is only 310 m long, but interesting to see especially because the cave is considered a graveyard for the long extinct cave bear. There are many interesting stalactites and stalagmites and other speleothems in the Galeria Nordica and in the Galeria Domnului which you'll also be visiting.
After that you'll explore the Virtop Glacier Cave: a small cave, only 165m long but which holds the 3rd biggest volume of ice in a cave. The Glacier of Virtop Cave has a 35 meters high ice block.

DAY 3: Instruction day. We teach you the rope techniques and safety procedures for caving.
The instructions take place on a specially adapted cliff close to the camp ground where everybody will be trained in descending, climbing and horizontal movements with ropes. Please remember that you shouldn't be afraid of heights or small spaces.

DAY 4: Exploration of the Humpleu Cave.
Only 37km of this cave are fully explored and cartographed, the rest of the cave has been only a few times explored but not cartographed yet. It is certainly one of Romania's the biggest caves, with 12 enormous rooms, each exceeding 100 meters. The biggest room lies on the upper level of the subterranean river that corresponds with the Poienita Cave and is 530 meters long, 111 meters wide and 35 meters high. The cave also holds Romania's largest underground river which runs 5.6k meters long with 38 meters depth. The Humpleu Cave contains all possible formations of speleothems. One day would probably not be enough to see it all but you will get a unique experience and see how much the Humpleu Cave can offer.

DAY 5: Transfer to the Onceasa Poiana.
Visit the entrance of the Ponorului Cave (it is too dangerous to enter the cave) and the Avenul cu Vaca.
The Avenul cu Vaca shares in fact the same subterranean system as the the Cerbul Cave (visited on day 6).
You descend 37 meters into the Aven which measures 150 meters in total and reach the room with snow. You get back via a path along one of the walls of the Dolina.

DAY 6: Visit the Cerbul Cave. Cerbul Cave, named after a fossilised stag, is a cave with 5,2 kilometres long galleries. The entrance is by a vertical aven of 7 meters which takes you to a narrow hallway to reach the entrance of the gallery. The gallery has several meanders and all kinds of formations. The biggest gallery is 10 meters wide and 10 meters high, 1.5 kilometers long. This gallery consists of a waterfall, all types of rock formations, coralites, helectites.

DAY 7: Visit the Alunului Cave and the Coltului Cave. (in the case of high water levels, we visit the Ceata cave)
The Alunului Cave is a huge karstic system (4,8km) of which you will explore part of it (about 1,5km). You enter the cave by the active gallery through a small entrance and climb to the fossil part of the cave. You'll reach a 7 meters wide and 15 meters high gallery where you'll encounter various kinds of erosion and the subterranean river. This gallery is rich in speleothems as stalagmites, stalactites and helectites. You descend further in the active gallery where you'll  see a drain hole and the especially stunning grey and pink riverbed.
Coltului cave is a 1.8 kilometres long cave with a strong air current at it's entrance. It's entrance is very narrow only 1x1 meters. However the gallery widens soon followed by a vertical descent of 15 meters. You than reach a room that quickly room descends to a clusterites gallery. At the end of which there are several incredibly spectacular underground waterfalls with a distinctive poignant and fascinating noise. You continue along the waterfalls to enter an other 40 meters high gallery.

DAY 8: End of expedition and transfer to Cluj-Napoca.



1 week Cave Expedition active holiday (7 nights) - 986 Euro in full board per person, includes: guiding, transfers, use of all equipment.
Minimum 6 people, maximum 12.



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