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Discover the ancient Transylvania. Discover Porolissum! We’ll be your guide in Transylvania.
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Porolissum fascinates, turning time back to the year 106 AD.

POROLISSUM – the northernmost bastion of the Roman Empire in the Province of Dacia, covering an area of 500 hectares, is a giant open-air museum and a point of reference for the North Transylvania, a tourist objective of European interest.

Porolissum was established by Emperor Trajan in the year 106 AD as a military centre on the border, for defensive purposes. Following the administrative reorganisation made by Emperor Hadrian, Porolissum became the capital of the Roman province of Dacia Porolissensis in the year 124 AD, and even after the Roman retreat from Dacia (271 AD), a prosperous commercial centre developed here.

Built of wood, to begin with, the Roman Amphitheatre of Porolissum was rebuilt in stone in the year 157 AD, under the leadership of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The arena of Porolissum amphitheatre surpasses that of the amphitheatre in Ulpia Traiana – the capital of Dacia – a colony established by Emperor Trajan.

Porolissum thrills…

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